Cat Kaufman

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Studio #6 in A Street Studios,  312 South A Street Santa Rosa CA 95401  My studio is open during SOFA events, Sonoma County Art Trails and by appointment.  I also give classes for all ages and levels in my studio.  See my website for information on classes and photos of all of my work.

Visit my website for updated information and work.


I spend my days with pieces of the past. Objects that are worn, torn, rusted and deteriorating, photographs of forgotten relatives, gears that will never turn again, doorknobs without a door; these are my paints. Deterioration is part of life, yet it scares us because it is a reminder that our time in the world is limited. Also, objects and images trigger memory and emotion. That is what I explore in my work.

I want each piece to evoke something in the participant: questioning, memory, even repulsion. By using materials from the past and the present, I examine facets of humanity and how humans relate to objects and to my artwork. I am a sort of affective archeologist in reverse; creating narrative layers with things from the past to expose an emotional response.

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