A Little Bit of Magic….

Today I only had a little time to spend at my studio, 300 S. A Street, #3, just down Atlas Coffee alley. This, after an entire morning of last-minute tasks, re-do’s, oh-I-forgot-I-have-to’s…. Every time I thought I was ready to leave, I’d remember one more thing….Argh!!!

When I got there, I unlocked my door and entered. Then I realized I didn’t have what I needed to work on the project. Drat.

Here’s where the magic happens:

A woman appeared.. “I’m admiring your window!” she said. “Are dogs allowed?” What dog?? Oh.  There, hidden by the bottom of my Dutch door, was a sweet, very friendly dog.  

I love my Dutch Door! Especially when the jasmine is blooming across the walk.... Do you native Californians know how amazing jasmine is??
I love my Dutch Door! Especially when the jasmine is blooming across the walk…. Do you native Californians know how amazing jasmine is??

“Of course!” I said, and let them in.

“We’re visiting that photography show at Christie Marks’ gallery,” she explained. “I have the dog while my husband takes a look. Then he’ll take the dog so I can see it!” We talked a little about the show (which is AMAZING), and then I left her alone to browse in my studio.  I got to pet her pup.

She saw my new Sonoma County Art Trails postcard. (Coincidentally, Christie is also on our group Art Trails card, along with Cat Kaufmann and Mary Linnea Vaughn.) “Oh! May I take a card? I’ll come back with my husband to visit during your open studio!” Sweet!

Here’s where the magic gets bigger:

She asked me if I’d considered submitting a piece for an upcoming show at Sebastopol Center for the Art, “Landscapes”. (October 21 – November 27, 2016)

“I would, but I don’t do landscapes,” I replied.

“I think that looks like a landscape!” she said. She pointed to a small wall hanging behind my worktable. “And

I don't know how she even spotted it in all the...er....visual excess. But she did.
I don’t even know how she spotted it in all the…er…visual clutter. But she did! (It’s the brassy-gold horizontal one at the top.)

you’d be the only artist in your medium!”

Sure enough, it could read as a landscape. I said I would. She told me how to create a entry form online, and what the hours for delivery were.

“Are you an artist? Or a volunteer at SCA?” I asked her.

“Not really an artist, but I wish I were,” she replied. “But I love supporting the arts, and SCA is a great organization.”

I thanked her from the bottom of my heart. Artists need the support of their community to flourish, and the people who volunteer their time for us are golden.

We chatted more. I promised to bring my newly-considered landscape in. She joined my mailing list. Then she and her dog left to meet her husband.

What are the chances she would show up within 60 seconds of me unlocking my door? And before I left 45 minutes later??

What are the chances that it would be someone very familiar with SCA, and their upcoming shows?

What are the chances she spotted the one piece that could be considered a landscape, and that she’d suggest this opportunity to me?? (Okay, a lot of my work is indeed an interior landscape. But I simply hadn’t considered it….)

Yep. This happens all the time here in the Arts District.

Because when you are making the work of your heart, wonderful things cross your path every day.



Our Art Trails postcard!
Our Art Trails postcard! Come see us!

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