Welcome to SOFA, a thriving, vibrant arts district located in the heart of Santa Rosa, CA!

Explore a unique community of artists, businesses, and residents.

Discover the works of more than 30 art studios, the largest concentration of artists in Sonoma County.  See painting, printmaking, photography, collage/assemblage, jewelry, glass, and assemblage during our open studio events.

Visit SOFA galleries, and dine at SOFA’s cafes and restaurants.

Check out the small businesses and shops, and visit our generous sponsors who make this all possible.

Get the latest news here on our website, or visit our SOFA Facebook page. 

Wondering where we got the name? And what’s up with that sofa parade? Read all about it!



3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi! Great looking and beautiful website. I like the new artsy map as well.
    I have some user feedback though – There needs to be an actual street address on the home page; along the map, and on the contact page; even to have an “address box” perhaps above the “events box”.
    My second comment is for information to be posted on the map page about “where to park” [!] … nothing “that” important heh 😉
    For out of town’ers looking at this website their heads are going to spin lost …
    The line on the bottom of the map saying “hwy 101” is a very vague indication of where the highway is in relation to the SOFA district.
    Thanks for listening – I will now be going back to Google maps to figure out where to park and to get a better feel of how to get to A street.
    Have a great Winterblast!

  2. Hello,

    My name is Alexander.
    I have created a project with the mission to bring public works of art to the community in order to beautify. I am looking for private owners, or contacts to public places who would be willing to donate walls to be filled with art. Or gallery owners who would donate time in their gallery to display art and raise money for local youth art programs.

    The ability to create pathways that direct youth towards graffiti as a creative legitimate art form through approved commissioned projects that ultimately help revitalize and sustain our urban neighborhoods while funding educational opportunities for the underserved youth.

    Arts and education embody the fabric of our society and are the elements that create and foster sustainability. The graffiti art form is one that has not always been recognized as legitimate art, and has often been characterized as the work of vandals, painting unwanted scripts and illustrations onto our communities’ canvases. Even so, urban street art and graffiti and the many artists who illustrate and display their creative work onto the landscape of cities around the world are increasingly gaining respect in the art space. Urban street artists have evolved through the underground, learning their trade from self-taught illustrators, demonstrating artistic talents that display cultural symbolisms and intrinsic illustrations that speak to the hearts and minds of our youth.

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